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Frequently Asked Question

Every day our team receives dozens of questions from the Paper community on our Support site. One delightfully worded question came in recently and it inspired us to share our answer. We think the world of you guys and thought you might want a peek at what we say in private.

What do you consider worthy to be amongst those fine artistic expressions called “made with paper”?–A.K.

Dear A.K., thanks for your question. We are a diverse crew of makers with different tastes and preferences so we don’t have a specific vision of what’s “artistic.” However, we do look to showcase a variety of ways that Paper is used and we love learning about the creator behind the sketch. We read (and remember) every caption and story that comes with the creations we see. Here are just a few examples by creators who have inspired us recently:

Former artist starts drawing again using Paper

Tips on how to draw in Paper

Drawing techniques and fun cartoons 

Book covers

Teaching math with Paper

Web design 

Distinct styles and themes (In this case, Japan and food.)

A man who is paralyzed from the neck down creates despite his disability

These are just a sampling. There is so much more.

We hope you find the answer to your question by exploring the Made With Paper stream in Paper and here on Tumblr to see the extraordinary work that people are creating around the world each day.


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